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Q?How do I clean my window coverings?

One of the processes recommended for most products by manufacturers is the
ultrasonic blind/shade cleaning.  This is the process we offer with our
on-site service. If spot cleaning is needed, use mild soap and water.
Cleaning with common cleaning products such as 409, Soft Scrub, or Windex
is NOT recommended. These cleaning products will react with direct and
indirect sunlight and oxidize, dull or ruin the paint and finish on
blinds. Many don’t realize that hand wiped blind cleaning actually
increases static and dust. Vacuuming is best for upkeep between ultrasonic

Q?How do I order replacement parts and repair instructions?

We offer our repair service where we can repair your blinds or shades for
you.  We can either handle this at your home or you can bring your window
covering to us.
Because of the thousands of repair parts available for the many brands
offered, we do not have repair parts available to the public.  We
recommend visiting www.blindsparts.com for your repair part needs.
If you need a Hunter Douglas repair part, you can contact them directly.
Provide your shipping address, along with a description of the product you
have and the parts or repair needed, they will be happy to send the parts,
if available, to you free of charge. You can submit your request to them
online at www.hunterdouglas.com, or call Hunter Douglas Customer
Information Center at  1-800-789-0331.

Q?How long can I expect the batteries to last on my battery-powered motorized window covering?

When alkaline or lithium batteries are used, a battery wand or satellite
battery pack will provide power to a Hunter Douglas window covering for
over one year, depending on usage. Rechargeable batteries are not
recommended.  Brand of batteries used, sun exposure and shade usage all
are factors.

Q?Can I have my blinds or shades cut down?

Some of our products may be cut down, however there are certain
limitations with fabrics, lift systems, cord routes and size in general.
You will need to contact us and we turn will communicate with our
fabricator to see what can be done.  We do not cut down any products in

Q?What warranty do I have with my product?

To begin you must be the original purchaser.  If you purchased a home
with existing window coverings, there is no warranty available.
If you are the original purchaser, each manufacturer offers different
warranties depending on the product.   For example, Hunter Douglas offers
an exclusive “Lifetime Guarantee” which warrants that its Hunter Douglas
brand window fashion products will be free from defects in materials and
workmanship for as long as you own the product (excluding normal wear and
tear). For more warranty details you may contact us and we can help you
find the best solution. If it is for a HunterDouglas product, you may also
visit Warranty Information at www.hunterdouglas.com.

Q?If I am not the original owner, how can I get my shades repaired?

We can either come to you or you are able to bring your blind or shade in
to us. Because original warranties are for the original purchaser, there
will be costs associated with the repair.

Q?Are you able to help me with any budget I may have?

Yes.  We carry several brands with different prices ranges. Our goal is to
be affordable while offering quality products.  In almost all cases, we
have several brands to share with you in several product catagories.

Q?How long are the cords supposed to last on my blind or shade?

Cords are considered a wear item.  Like tires on our cars, they will wear
out in time.  There are several factors such as how often the
blinds/shades are used, how effectively they are operated and sun
exposure. Most are able to get 5-10 years with out a cord breaking with
proper use.

Q?My fabric shade is torn. Can you fix it?

In most cases, we do not repair torn fabric.  With our sales service, we
can give you a free in home estimate of what a replacement would cost.

Q?Can I bring my blinds or shades to your shop and have them cleaned there?

No. Because of our ultrasonic cleaning process, it is best to clean them
on-site, at your home or office.  This way the product can hang when
complete and finish the drying process.

Q?Do I need to bring my blind or shade to you for repair?

You can schedule our on-site repair service to come to your home or
office.  We do have a minimum charge for this service, and in most cases,
we can fix your blind or shade right then.  Please call and we can discuss
the best option for you.culis lacinia est.

Q?Is it best to repair or replace my blind/shade?

Replacing is not always neccesary.  With our repair service, we can
replace some parts & usually all cords. Because we are full service, we
can help you find the best solution for your situation.

Q?Do you have a showroom?

No we don’t have a showroom because everything we do is mobile.  We offer
a free shop-at-home consultation.  You can visit our website at

Q?What is “Ultrasonic Cleaning”?

Ultrasonic Cleaning is a gentle process using sound waves in water.  These
sound waves travel through water causing millions of tiny bubbles to
implode.  This causes a scrubbing effect on all parts of the window
coverings, without harsh abrasives, chemicals or dangerous solutions.